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Muddies are passionate about animals and the people who love them. Most of us have a cat or dog, and lots of Muddies have other pets, too. But whether we own a farm or no pets at all, we’re all dedicated to delighting our customers and providing them with useful and accurate information regarding cat and dog nutrition.

As a group, Muddies are down-to-earth, casual and from the heart. But we work hard, like to have fun, and we can be intense about doing our best. We have plenty of different opinions about nutrition, animal welfare and the future of Mud Bay, but we’re committed to working together.

We’re also a company of owners—almost every Muddy will qualify to become part of our employee stock ownership program. This encourages Muddies to take the long view, act like the business owners we are and do what’s right for our customers, our partners, Mud Bay and each other.


Our Values

Accountability: We follow through.

Education: We empower with knowledge.

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Generosity: We help others succeed.

Responsibility: We use our best judgment.

Fun: We create workplaces that are filled with laughter.