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What information should I include in my resume?

We want to hear about why you would make a great Muddy! Tell us about your strengths and how specific skills you possess might apply to a open position at Mud Bay. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs—not just your duties. 

Should I include a cover letter? 

Yes, please do! We want to get to know you and why you feel you'd make great muddy. We also greatly appreciate the effort from our applicants.

Should I share if I have pets or not?

Yes, of course! We love hearing about your pets. This also helps us understand you as a candidate, both personally and professionally. 

Do you offer part-time positions? 

We do! We have both full and part-time positions. We will make an effort to indicate this on the job posting, but we welcome you to discuss your availbility with the recruiter if you're contacted regarding your application. 

Can I edit a previously submitted resume?

We recommend uploading a new resume to your application if your work history, qualifications or contact information changes. Your most current resume will remain active in our database until you submit a new version. Applicants can update resumes at any time by editing their profile and adding or deleting attachments in the profile screen. 

What if I would like to be considered for multiple open positions? 

Please submit an application for each open position that you would like to be considered for. We also welcome you to discuss your interests with the recruiter if you're contacted regarding your application.

How soon will I know if a hiring decision has been made?

We appreciate the time and effort you've put into applying with Mud Bay. We strive to keep you informed about what to expect throughout your interview process. However, if you have questions regarding a specific application, reach out to recruiting@mudbay.com