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Mud Bay Offers Great Benefits


Employee Ownership Muddies who work at least 1000 hours over a 50 week period will automatically qualify to become company owners through Mud Bay’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Staff Discount Because we all here at Mud Bay love our animals and often (especially after working here for a while) find ourselves with more than one (sometimes a lot more than one!) dog or cat in our household; and because we want our staff to have firsthand experience with the foods and supplies we sell, we offer staff discounts ranging from 25% to 40% on products we sell.

Paid Time-off We work hard, but we need to recharge and paid time off helps us to do that. All muddies are eligible for paid time off (PTO); how much depends on how many hours are worked. PTO can be used for vacations, sick time, personal time… any time that you need to revitalize or take care of business that can’t be taken care of during your regular days off. In addition, we offer bereavement and jury duty time.

Healthcare Because even the heartiest muddies can get sick. Healthcare insurance options subsidized by Mud Bay are available to all muddies who work an average of 30 hours per week. Vision, Dental, and voluntary life insurance plans are also available.

Retirement We hope that you will think of your work with Mud Bay as a career and plan for your future. Mud Bay offers a self-funded 401(k) plan to help you with your retirement savings.

Health Promotion Benefits Each calendar year, Mud Bay will reimburse muddies for up to $50 toward participation in any kind of organized healthy activity. Maybe you are a runner and want to enter a race. Mud Bay will reimburse up to $50 of your race entry. Prefer a walk-a-thon? Triathlon? Basketball tournament? Mud Bay will reimburse up to $50 toward any of these types of events once annually.

Kicking the Habit Smoking is bad for us, we know that. But we also know it can be very difficult to quit. We want our muddies around a long time (career, remember) so we help our muddies breath better and kick the habit by offering a financial incentive of $100 after six smoke-free months.

And finally, there is Mudstock. This is Mud Bay’s answer to the company meeting only way more fun! We close all our stores one day a year and bring every muddy together to learn, meet manufacturing partners, meet muddies from other districts, eat great food and generally have a fun and information-filled day.