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Our Guaranteed Analysis


Our Mission

To contribute to the health of dogs and cats and the happiness of those who care for them as we build          a strong company that we’re proud of.


How We Work Together

With open minds, asking questions, seeking to understand.

With open hearts, speaking honestly, letting ourselves be vulnerable.

Walking our talk and doing our share—especially when it isn’t fun.

Sharing ownership, empowering others, assuming good intentions.

With good judgment and a focus on long-term outcomes.

With empathy, self-awareness and a sense of humor.

With passion for Mud Bay’s mission and a drive to do the extraordinary.


The Mud Bay Experience

  • Gracious

Dog and cat owners are the reason we’re here, and we’ll do anything reasonable to help them.

  • Healthy

Everything we carry is healthy and well-made.

  • Happy

Visiting our stores is a happy and educational experience.

  • Solutions

We give useful, accurate answers and focus on helping people choose healthy foods for their dogs and cats.

  • Fair prices

Our prices are among the lowest in the area.

  • Satisfaction

If something doesn’t work, we’ll happily take it back.

  • Clean

Our work spaces are well-organized, and our displays sparkle.

  • Carry-outs

We carry out purchases over 15lbs.

  • Consistently varied

The human experiences we create are unique to each moment, customer, staffer and store, but each reflects Mud Bay’s values and character.


Mud Bay in 2017

Our Vision:   By 2017, Muddies will continuously improve, own and operate one of the best loved retailers in the Pacific Northwest.

How we’ll get there:

  1. Invest in our staff.
  2. Deliver more by offering less at everyday low prices (EDLP).
  3. Standardize our processes and empower staff through continuous improvement.
  4. Improve our effectiveness by cross-training staff and operating with slack.
  5. Partner with organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of animals.