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Benefits to Working with Mud Bay

Mud Bay offers a range of benefits to help you keep a good work-life balance, stay healthy and prepare for your retirement.

Here are some of the benefits our people love:

First Year Journey:

We train every new Muddy to understand cat and dog nutrition, physiology and health. This year-long training plan, which also covers small animals and our retail best practices, will give you all the information you need to succeed here.

Employee Ownership:

Work at Mud Bay for 1,000 hours over 50 weeks in a year, and you’ve earned a year of credited service towards participating in our employee stock ownership program. We use graded vesting to reward Muddies who stick with us long term: you’re 20-percent vested after two years and are fully vested at six years.

Health Insurance:

If you work 30 hours or more per week, you’re eligible for medical, dental and vision insurance through Mud Bay.

Healthy Habits:

Quit smoking, and we’ll give you $100. Participate in a healthy group activity, and Mud Bay will reimburse you for the entry fee (up to $50 once a year).

Paid Time Off:

Muddies may love their jobs, but it’s important for everyone to have time away from work to recharge. That’s why we give you time off for sick days, vacation days, and those I-just-need-some-free-time days.

Employee Assistance Program:

Life has its moments and sometimes, we need help getting through them. When facing issues that interfere with your health, well-being, and productivity at work or home, Mud Bay’s EAP program provides a confidential and accessible network to put you in touch with the right kind of professional to help support you and your family.

Staff Discount:

We like our people to know everything about our products, so Mud Bay offers a 25-to-40-percent staff discount on everything we sell. It also makes it easier to provide the best possible nutrition for your own cat or dog.

Pet-Friendly Workplace:

Have a pet that’s a social butterfly? Polite dogs and cats who play well with others are happily welcomed into the store or home office while you work.